Our events photography service is second to none. Our innovative approach ensures that we can provide customers with high quality mementos to cherish forever.

char blur shot


We can provide a fully trained team of photographers to your event where they will offer customers who visit your ice rink with photo keep sakes that will be shown to friends and family over and over. From our experience our customers return year on year just on the strength of the photo that they have received the year before.

  • Our presence at your winter event is guaranteed to improve customer experience

  • We provide a popular range of products for customers to choose from

  • Prices are kept affordable for the expected customer base

  • Our staff wear highly visible clothing and use high end DSLR’s when on the ice

  • We only use the best equipment, we source the best paper and inks ensure our end product is of the highest standard

  • Our team is made available to your event for every single hour you are open ensuring every one of your customers gets the same high quality service

  • Photos are always printed ready for collection by the end of each skate session

  • All photos are printed with a logo of your event on it meaning they are essentially turned into a photo flyer which will be shown to others over and over

Our experience at various winter events over the last five years have enabled us to tailor a service that is fast and reliable whilst maintaining a high standard. This means your customers receive the same high quality service that you expect them to receive.